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This Website is Dedicated to Christopher W. Wiley, Master Modeler of the James River Subdivision

Looking east at JD Cabin circa 1958 Extra 5811 West is coming off of the Mountain sub. from Charlottesville Va. / Photograph C&OHS collection
Division Officers:

Michael Burgett - Division Superintendent
Adam Robillard - Assistant Division Superintendent
Michael S. McCreight - Terminal Superintendent
Dennis Clark - Assistant Terminal Superintendent
Tom Hunter - Engineer of Signal Circuit Design
Andrew A. Messina - Supervisor Signals
Michael Weber - Signal Inspector
Adam Robillard - Superintendent Maintenance-of-Way
Larry Bogert - Supervisor Carpentry Forces
Kerry Albrecht - Supervisor Electrical Forces
Christopher Wiley - Supervisor Bridge and Building Forces
Shawn O'Day - Assistant Supervisor Bridge and Building Forces
Michael Kisser - Director of Public Relations
Doug Tagsold - Manager Passenger Traffic
Bruce Carpenter - Manager Freight Traffic

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