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Aerial view looking east at JD Cabin Virginia. GP-7 number 5811 is coming off the Mountain Subdivision. COHS Collection
Looking east from Snowden Bridge.
Aerial view of James River Valley at Lyle Virginia M.P. 202.0
Snowden Bridge M.P. 170.0
Big Island Virginia depot being demolished in the mid-1970s.
There is plenty of agriculture in the James River Valley along the railroad right-of-way.
Flat cars being loaded with pulpwood at Kelly Virginia circa 1968.
Overview of pulpwood yard at Kelly Virginia circa 1968.
Sandy Hook Yard was located east of Lynchburg Virginia. This view of the yard office was taken towards the tail end of its life in 1979.
EMD F-7 Units were common manifest power on the James River Subdivision until the late 1960s.
ND Cabin interlocking in Lynchburg Virginia circa 1970. ND Cabin is where the N&W's line into Lynchburg crossed the C&O's James River Subdivision. ( C&O Historical Society photo )
Intermediate signals 1309 / 1308 located at MP 130.8 deep in the James River Valley between Joshua Falls and Walkerford Virginia.
Snow Creek Culvert, located between Major and Snowden, Virginia, was built in 1851 by the James River and Kanawha Co. to carry its canal over Snow Creek. The Richmond & Allegheny filled the canal and used the culvert to carry its trains over the creek.
Signal equipment located at the west end of Alpine siding. Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) was installed on the James River Subdivision in 1949.
The canal lock at Battery Creek was restored by the National Park Service and it looks as good today as it did back in 1851 when it was used to help freight and passenger boats up and down the James River & Kanawha Company's canal between Buchanan and Richmond, Virginia.
Sandy Hook yard is located at MP145.0 just east of Lynchburg Virginia.
The James River subdivision is as alive today as it was back in 1965! Here we see a CSXT eastbound loaded coal train crossing Blackwater Creek just west of old ND Cabin in Lynchburg Virginia.
Looking up at the bridge detail at Blackwater Creek in Lynchburg Virginia.
These small standard C&O structures where used for housing Track and Signal Department motor cars and tools and could be found all along the right of way back in the good old days of railroading.
A view from river level of Baldwin Bridge, located west of eagle rock Virginia.
Looking west at M.P. 202.0, Springwood Tunnel is directly behind the photographer.
The interlocking plant at the East End of Eagle Rock passing siding.
The eastbound homes signals for the interlocking plant at Low Moor Virginia. Low Moor is on the Alleghany Subdivision west of Clifton Forge Virginia.
A split point derail protects the main line at this siding near Walkerford Virginia.