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The CTC system is of primary focus to me and will feature all aspects of prototype signaling as employed by the C&O, route locking, time locking, call on features and prototype C&O signal aspects to name a few. The CTC machine was acquired from an actual railroad and will feature only original Union Switch and Signal Company's (US&S) components.

The Centralized Traffic Control system on the James River Subdivision was installed between 1948 and 1952. These photos show the three segments of the original control machine before they left Union Switch and Signals factory in route to the division offices at Clifton Forge for installation by the railroad's own signal forces.

(Above) Builders Plate

(Right) Switch, Signal, Traffic, and Maintainer Call levers for the interlocking plant at JD Cabin VA. M.P. 229.4 The Alleghany Sub. is to the left, the James River Sub is to the right and the Mountain Sub. Is the track at the upper center.

Left side of the completed cTc machine (5/04)

Right side of the machine

(Above) Bulletin board

(Right) Overview of machine, showing microphone and footpedal switch

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PDF file of CTC machine
track diagram
Internal wiring in the back of the 60" section of the CTC machine.
Our dispatcher will actually use this

Western Electric

Train Dispatching Telephone System

62A Key Set
Overview of entire control machine for the Clifton Forge division located in the division offices at Clifton Forge (a.k.a. upstairs spare bedroom)
Close-up of super detail parts for OS section at Walkerford Virginia
Eastward absolute signals at the West End of Double Track (WEDT) Walkeford Virginia.
Westbound holdout signal at Sandy Hook Yard, Lynchburg Virginia.
The train dispatcher in Clifton Forge has lined up and eastbound extra at Walkerford Virginia
Intermediate signal 1398 and 1399 at M.P. 139.8 Opposum Creek